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Gamme Alpha dôme

The ALPHA Dome® is designed and manufactured in France: its mechanics and design are totally managed by TEB. By choosing the ALPHA Dome® brand, you benefit from the best technological quality at the best price.
The ALPHA Dome®, which is modular, flexible and scalable, is a dome platform built around interchangeable modules. It therefore allows you to update a CCTV system to suit your changing needs.

Alpha dôme PTZ compact : petite et discrète

ALPHA Dome® Compact

In order to meet market needs, TEB has developed an ultra compact dome for indoor installations. Its special design allows the dome to be perfectly integrated into its environment. For more customization, the ALPHA Dome® comes in different colors to match your interior decoration.

The Compact series offers the essential functions of a PTZ dome for surveillance at the best price.


Alpha dôme PTZ Haute Définition - Full HD

Based on “broadcast” technology, the HD range offers Full HD 1080 (1920x1080) maximal resolution for sharp images and image quality without compromising clarity.

The HD range is available in IP and HD-SDI versions. The HD-SDI 1080 ALPHA Dome® improves the image quality of an existing video installation very easily.


Alpha dôme PTZ réseau IP - Full HD

The IP range offers the possibility of integration into flexible systems. The dome, which is equipped with the PoE (Power on Ethernet) function, can be powered by the Ethernet cable in order to facilitate the installation.

The ALPHA Dome® IP range meets ONVIF (Open Network Interface Forum) and PSIA standards and ensures compatibility with other networked video systems.


The HD range is available in IP and HD-SDI versions.

The perfect equation between efficiency and modularity

Day/Night function

Day/Night function

Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range Function

Autoflip function

Autoflip function

"Quick mount" function

Instantaneous installation

Video Motion Detection

Video Motion Detection

Alpha dome optical zoom

Extended optical zooms

Extended optical zooms (x18, x20, x28, x36) to suit all environments.

Customizable vandal-resistant outdoor housing

Alpha dome Customizable vandal resistant outdoor housing ip66

The housing, which is developed for installations subject to extreme conditions (sand, high humidity level, dust, etc.), can be pressurized. The housing is vandal-resistant and IP 66, thus resisting any acts of vandalism and difficult environments. In the standard version, the housing is proposed in Charcoal Gray. Other colors options are available.

1 Unavailable on the compact series

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