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Mobile Video Terminal

TEB Mobile Video Terminal : Mobile & Autonomous system

The Mobile Video Terminal is the ideal temporary CCTV solution to protect sensitive areas. Indeed, thanks to this “ALL-IN-ONE” system (camera, recorder and battery), every occasional events (politic events, strikes, sport tournaments) can be supervised, vandalism can be fought and crowd can be managed.

The Mobile Video Terminal works 24/24 thanks to its battery (16 hours of autonomy). During the night, the battery is in charge on the public lighting. During the day, the fully charged battery is used to supply the mobile video terminal. Thus, videos are directly recorded on the digital video recorder Digipryn® integrated in the terminal. What is more, this system does not require any civil engineering works or wiring. Indeed, the terminal is installed directly on candelabra and can be moved very rapidly and easily.

Borne vidéo TEB : Sytème de vidéoprotection pour les villes

"All-in-one" system
  • ALPHA Dome® HD (PTZ) 30x
  • Digital Video Recorder (Digipryn®)
  • A remote video management software platform Prynvision® (via 3G/4G, Wifi or Wimesh)
  • Battery for autonomous use :
    - During the night: battery recharging
    - During the day: the fully charged battery is used to supply the mobile video terminal
  • Fight against vandalism, protect sensitive areas
  • Surveillance of occasional events (strikes, sport tournaments, building sites, etc)
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Temporary or extended protection
  • Video analysis (market reseach, etc.)
Mobile video terminal

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