TEB Vidéosurveillance

A complete range of cameras

Une gamme complète de caméras de vidéosurveillance

TEB proposes domes and static cameras with specifications adapted to every environment. Certain model make it possible to optimize the images for either day or night (Day/Night function, led, IR). Other models have specific functions (WDR, Privacy masks) and are available in digital and analog versions. The range offered is compatible with the Digipryn® DVR.

PAL / IP / HDcctv

360° Surveillance Fisheye vision system

The fisheye technology offers 360° surveillance thanks to a specific lens. Thus, you can benefit from 100% coverage without any blind spots and see what happens all around the camera.

Caméra vision 360° Caméra 360°

Only one camera to view and record at 360° around : The panomorph camera, coupled with another PTZ dome camera, can be used as a motion detection sensor making it possible to add an automatic tracking. Compatible with DIGIPRYN® the digital video recorder, you can use all the 360° function’s advantages and capacities in live and reviewing modes. The Quad display allows you to monitor 4 different views of the same area at the same time when the camera is mounted on the ceiling.

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