TEB Vidéosurveillance

An exclusive concept

TUB camera concept

The shuttle camera moves rapidly and precisely

The shuttle camera moves rapidly and precisely

CCTV camera for big spaces (warehouse, retail store...)
It is the only system to offer 100% coverage with no blind spots, and to allow any suspicious event to be watched from A to Z. The TUB camera® guarantees a rapid Return On Investment (ROI).
  1. Reduces costs
  2. Heightens security

The ideal CCTV solution for protecting wide-open spaces

TUB camera - CCTV Rail

Discreet, Fast, Precise

  1. Length : unlimited (unique on the market)
  2. Diameter : 17 cm (the smallest)
  3. High Speed : > 6 m/sec.
  4. Powerful zoom : 28x optical
  5. Pan range : 360° continous
  6. Tilt range : >90°

Exclusive characteristics included to reinforce efficiency

The TUB camera® Evolution 7 is one of the latest generation of cameras to include state of the art technology developed within TEB’s own Research and Development Laboratory.

  • High quality images
  • High speed movement
  • Highly intuitive control
  • Operates 24/7
  • Unlimited length
  • For more compatibility
Made in France

Tunnel CCTV - Applications

Discreet and unlimited monitoring

The TUB camera® can be integrated in to any environment due to its reduced diameter, double mirrored reflective housing, and the way the video shuttle moves silently. It is perfectly adapted to the following environments: warehouses, supermarkets, train stations, car parks, factories…
In addition, the TUB camera® is never limited by the length of the area to be monitored (a market exclusivity).
Owing to the invisibility of the system, it doesn’t threaten the general public, whilst remaining invisible to people acting in a suspect way, and who believe they are doing so without being monitored.

  1. Logistics
  2. Retail outlets
  3. Airports
  4. Train Stations
  5. Data-centers
  6. Car Parks
  7. Sorting offices
  8. Industrial applications

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