TEB Vidéosurveillance

A remote video management software platform

Prynvision : remote management
  1. A no limit multi-site – multi-server management system.
  2. Centralized management allows the system to be managed with confidentiality, reactivity and a high level of security in mind.
  3. A unique intuitive interface (Image operating, transmission and remote maintenance).
  1. A remote maintenance tool: on-going and in real-time control of server status.
  2. Reduced intervention costs with the “remote multi-site & multi-server management” function.
  3. Mobile connectivity for access from any computer (software on USB key).

A new concept for remote video management

Prynvision : video surveillance software

Live-viewing and controlling of PTZ cameras via the network:
  1. A high resolution intuitive interface
  2. The flexibility of instant display from multi-site & multi-server cameras: from x1 to x32 in full screen, with the “Drag and Drop” function.
  3. Fonction « Click & Go » en direct sur l’image live
  4. Direct “Click & Go” function on the live image.
  5. Recording and audio transmission for a two-way communication, genuine IP intercom
Remote Reviewing & Archiving:
  1. Smart search for remote image reviewing
  2. Remote sequence recovery for a local archiving
  3. Retouch function to improve image quality

Version standalone - USB key

PRYNVISION® is also available in its mobile version (USB key) for easy connection wherever you may be.

Remote server management

Centralized management platform with the “remote multi-site & multi-server management” function
  1. Around the clock technical analysis of the system status in real-time
  2. Remote maintenance
  3. Remote multi-site configuration
  4. Remote multi-site software update
  5. Centralized management of the server's configuration
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