TEB Vidéosurveillance

Buildings and Public Works

2.38% is the average direct ans indirect loss of the turnover on a building site due to robbery and vandalism. According to certain estimates, this percentage can reach 7% in high risk areas.

Instantaneous detection, 24/24 protection

The MV Scopic system (Mobile Video Scopic) is an autonomous mobile video platform. It is dedicated to the protection of high risk areas such as building sites. It comes in the form of a trailer that can be, easily and rapidly deployed. The MV Scopic system is the perfect tool for a occasional or permanent protection of building sites. The MV Scopic system works 24/7. To answer the needs of mobile building sites (railways, roads) the system can be installed, uninstalled and reinstalled.

"All-in-one" system
  • ALPHA Dome® HD (PTZ) 30x
  • Digital Video Recorder (Digipryn®)
  • A remote video management software platform Prynvision® (via 3G/4G, Wifi or Wimesh)
  • Battery for autonomous use :
    - During the night: battery recharging
    - During the day: the fully charged battery is used to supply the mobile video terminal

Borne vidéo TEB : Sytème de vidéoprotection pour les villes

TEB Vidéosurveillance de chantiers

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