TEB Vidéosurveillance


Why would we use a TEB videosurveillance system for our city ?

Improve urban tranquillity

• Deterrence and prevention : Visible cameras and informative sign in a city are deterrent for people with bad intentions
• Reassure the population : Robberies, violent aggressions, road accidents

Fight against insecurity

• Improve the reactivity of the police in the field : videosurveillance has become an almost indispensable tool, enabling investigators to collect more clues.
• Bring new elements of proof and identify the suspects
• Improve the reactivity and anticipation of the police in the field.

Optimize exploitation of the city

• Video-Organize public spaces : videosurveillance allows users to coordinate the use of cameras in order to improve the security and management of the public spaces
• Video-protect public buildings : For optimal security, TEB offers a video monitoring system which is compatible with remote surveillance management systems
• Video-Watch traffic : video can help guide rescues and determine the circumstances of accidents. • Video-detect building degradation : using the “Anti Tag” function

Mobile Video Terminal : Mobile Video Terminal : Unique, Mobile & Autonomous

The Mobile Video Terminal, an « all in one » protection system (cameras / video recorder / battery) can be quickly deployed and moved easily in case of punctual events. There is no need of civil engineering nor wiring because the mobile video terminal is directly installed on an electricity pole.

Borne vidéo TEB : Sytème de vidéoprotection pour les villes

« All-in-one » system
  • High Speed Dome : Alpha Dome®
  • Digital Video Recorder : Digipryn®
  • Prynvision® : a remote video management software platform
  • Battery for autonomous use
    - During the night : Battery in charge
    - During the day : The fully charged battery is used to supply the mobile video terminal
  • Fight against vandalism
  • Surveillance of occasional events (strikes, sport tournaments, building sites…)
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Temporary or extended protection
  • Video analysis (marketing researches, etc.)

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