TEB Vidéosurveillance

More than 30 years of innovation

Designer, manufacturer and integrator of professional video solutions for over 30 years, TEB provides high performance solutions specifically tailored to individual clients needs. Through continuous research and development TEB have stayed in the forefront of innovation, from its humble beginning with the exclusive TUB camera® to today with a complete range of products (ALPHA Dome® High Speed Dome, DIGIPRYN® DVR, PRYNVISION® management software, CCTV Vehicle Solution...).

Sur d'être bien accompagné
When TEB was created in 1978, the main idea was to become a reference on the CCTV market. Since then, the company succeeded took up the challenge to gain recognition from the most important distribution and industry groups. A strong ambition carried by an innovative spirit has made possible regular expansion that now goes beyond our borders. TEB customers can count on a presence deployed through the research department, technical agencies in France, foreign subsidiaries, a department specialized in industry and installations in more than 20 countries around the world.

A highly innovative policy

TEB affirms its difference through constant innovation sense. It has proved this since its creation. At the beginning, TEB affirmed itself on the CCTV market by launching the TUB camera®. As the compagny grow, TEB developed many technical innovations over the years. TEB owes its technological daring its own research department in image analysis, IT development and mechanical studies, electrics and electronics.

Quality commitment

From the beginning, TEB has worked for the security of people and property. TEB is fully committed to providing high quality products.
Our success means more products to match an ever greater market expectations. Our range of products combines not only the well known TUB camera® but also the Digipryn® digital video recorder, the dome Alpha dome®, the Neopad controller... and a range of accessories to make your job on site easier than ever. Our TUB camera® system has more than 250,000 meters of track installed throughout Europe, enabling our customers to achieve 100% coverage of large areas with a limited number of cameras.
Our commitment is to provide you with ongoing high quality products and knowledge that will maximize your success.

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ONVIF : Open Network Interface Forum.


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