TEB Vidéosurveillance

POS System (Point of Sale)

The Advanced POS DIGIPRYN® targets, detects and reduces theft, fraud and collusion on both sides of the retail counter. Integrated as an option into TEB’s DIGIPRYN® DVR, the POS system is a simple and powerful tool that enhances your day to day fight against unauthorized mark-downs.

POS system and CCTV

Système POS (Point of Sale) vidéosurveillance par TEB

POS DIGIPRYN® provides all sets of DVR features, such as real-time video recording, motion detection, PTZ control or camera sabotage detection. TEB’s POS solution can manage up to 32 POS locations per DIGIPRYN® DVR and provide all the necessary data from the cash register to allow managers to associate POS data with live or replayed video.

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