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Realtime marketing store analytics

PRYNSHOP® is a unique software that transforms video camera into a real-time marketing tool to optimize shopper experience and analyze their behaviors.

Video Prynshop

People Counting

  • Measure traffic by store, region, chain and time period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Optimize staff resources and know when to overstaff and to understaff
  • Average per day, week, and month
  • Zone comparison (floors, product areas...)

Heatzone & Heatmaps

  • Understand the path to purchase, spatially and temporary
  • Analyze customer movements
  • Indicate the locations which are more and less attractive
  • Evaluate marketing campaign impact
  • Improve product merchandising

Optimize your investments


To optimize your investment and share resources, Prynshop® software can be associated with Digipryn® solution, dedicated to the store safety management.

  • Record video from megapixel cameras
  • Remote viewing in real time
  • Research and export recorded videos
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