TEB Vidéosurveillance

Tracking & Smart detection

Digipryn® offers image analysis functions that increase the advantages of an installation, exploit the video system with efficiency and increase the effectiveness of the security personnel.

Smart Detection

Camera sabotage detection
Anti sabotage caméra TEB

The DIGIPRYN® integrates an image analysis module to detect camera sabotage attempts by :
- Deliberate masking or sabotage detection
- Glare detection
- Off target camera function
- Blurring detection
When an act of malicious intent occurs, the system automatically detects the attack and sets off an alarm or any other automatic action.

Unicity of presence

Détection automatique unicité de passage

People counting/Queuing system

Comptage de personnes et sens de passage

Suspicious/Missing object

Détection automatique d'objet volé, suspect, manquant

Traffic organization

Détection automatique unicité de passage


Détection automatique de graffiti/tag

Counter crossing detection

Franchissement de guichet

Automatic Tracking

The Automatic tracking function can be activated manually or by scheduling.

Tracking automatique

The tracking video detects and follows movement with a PTZ camera (Alpha Dome®). It can be activated manually or by scheduling.


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