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Enregistreur Digipryn IP

Capture, record, review, archive videos
while preserving the details, colors, contrast, and brightness.

Digipryn HD

DIGIPRYN® HD, the core of the video management for HD system.

The special feature of this new model is the high resolution (720p and 1080p) image recording. DIGIPRYN® HD uses H.264 compression and records up to 4 Full HD cameras at the same time. The digital video recorder is equipped with a high storage capacity (2 To) at a recording speed of 25 frames per second per video channel.

High Definition CCTV

Quality that is 6 times greater compared with a standard model (PAL, NTSC), producing spectacular results

HD CCTV technology provides enhanced levels of security and makes it possible to capture extremely detailed images. The accuracy of the details allows you to analyze all events live or in review mode without any doubt.

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Résolutions HD1080, HD720, 4CIF et CIF

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