TEB Vidéosurveillance

Digipryn Mobile

View – Record – Transmit – Geo-localize

Digipryn® Mobile, a compact and robust DVR

Digipryn Mobile
  1. Design for road and high vibration environment
  2. Live recording and live display video
  3. Multiple cameras
  4. External storage / SSD
  5. Geo-location by GPS
  6. Secured reviewing with Digipryn® Reader
  7. MPEG4 - H264 Compression
  8. Display output
  9. Reviewing locally or remotely
  10. Secured video system with password and encrypted data

An intuitive graphic user interface

  1. Precise and quick reviewing
  2. Exportation on USB key
  3. Flexibility of the camera configuration: each input is independently programmable (format, quality and duration of recording)
  4. Secured management by creating several profiles with different access fees
Touch screen control of Digipryn® Mobile
Portrait or landscape orientation
Écran tactile de contrôle (TIE)
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