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Digipryn : Video recorder range

The DIGIPRYN® v5.20 range, designed and developed by TEB, integrates high quality technological innovations in recording, with video analytics and transmission to provide security solutions for a large range of video surveillance applications.

4 channels recorder Digipryn Compact

A highly technical nature

Digipryn® Compact is the new model in the Digipryn® DVR range. Designed to equip banks or shops, this ultra compact model records 4 or 8 video channels in real time and in high resolution (4CIF). Digipryn® Compact is equiped with an integrated burner and a USB port in the front to export video sequences easily.

CCTV DVR Digipryn

Powerfully efficient

Ideal for major solutions, Digipryn® is able to manage a large number of cameras and to build a scalable system (up to 250 video inputs). With its integrated matrix switcher, Digipryn® offers a digital video solution with 4 Live PAL outputs. This 4U model can be installed in a video dispenser unit.

DIGIPRYN® is the ideal digital video solution to meet security needs without compromise and compliant with security standard requirements. A user friendly machine with its evolved graphic interface, allows the operator to benefit from using an intuitive and efficient tool.

DIGIPRYN® an "all in one" video surveillance system

CCTV security video recorder


  1. Mult’hybrid (Analog video input / IP / HD-SDI, HD-IP), compatibility with existing analog systems and migration to «all IP» architectures and High Definition (HD-CCTV)
  2. Compatible with 360° camera system (according to models)
  3. High Definition (1920 x 1080) and Megapixel Interface with Quadra Live Display
  1. From 4 to 250 video inputs, a complete of servers for scalable systems
  2. From 1Tb to 12Tb per machine
  3. «Real Time» recording (25 fps/channel)
  4. High resolution : from CIF to HD/Megapixel in « live » display, recording and exportation.
  5. H.264, MPEG4 ou MJPEG Compression on each channel to optimize storage and transmission capacity (according to models)
  6. True PAL video Matrix Switcher integrated : up to 8 true PAL live output per machine
  7. Up to 8 synchronized Video/Audio channels : ideal for demanding applications (gaming, interviewing rooms...)
  8. Opportunity to interface with different security systems (alarm station...)
  9. Smart search : by time and date, mark, zone, archive, DATA recording and search
  10. DATA recording & search (connection and synchronization from the video system to peripheral systems)
  11. «Full duplex Audio Transmission» : Transmitting and receiving on site and from site
  12. Operating System (OS and DIGIPRYN®) on an independent hard drive for more stability
  13. Storage Hard Drive specially designed for CCTV applications
  14. Integrated image analysis functions : «anti attack» pack, automatic tracking and others specific functions
  15. Events and alarms notified by email
  16. Image transmission on Internet, PDA, and Mobile phone, or via Prynvision®. Compatible with Remote surveillance management system


Keep an eye on your cameras !

Receive and control your CCTV images on your mobile phone, touchpad (iOs & Android) or PC securely. Via Internet (web browser), Digipryn.net or PrynPocket® enable connection to live pictures, controlling PTZ cameras, reviewing and exporting pictures without installed dedicated software.

Prynvision, Multi-site and multi-server remote viewing

Prynvision® for a Multi-site and multi-server remote viewing

The remote video management software platform Prynvision® makes it possible to :
  • View live or in review mode
  • Control
  • Configure and remote maintenance
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