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Trends in the future of CCTV are focused on IP solutions. The link between security systems, computing and CCTV is getting closer each year, until there will be no other choice for companies but to switch to this system.

Vidéosurveillance IP par TEB

Digital CCTV on IP offers video systems upgradability and flexibility. It is possible to add many cameras to IP without modifying the infrastructure. Thus, the IP video system lets you expand the architecture depending on the evolution needed.

The IP video makes it possible to use the PoE system (Power Over Ethernet). This technology allows to the network peripheral to be power supplied by the same cable as the video data. IP video offers access to your cameras whenever and wherever you want.

IP Network CCTV


TEB is member of ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance). ONVIF and PSIA are committed to promoting the adoption of network video solutions within the global security market. Focusing on system interoperability, the development of a Worldwide open standard is those norms primary mission.


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